Youth Exchange: the USA, 2014

We're ready to start! Now we're preparing some information about our country and about our city. More over Russian students will present national costumes, songs and even a dance. No doubt it'll be one more unforgettable exchange for both sides!

Video Conference: India - Russia

Today my students had a video conference with their peers from India. Russian and India students introduced themselves and shared some information about their hobbies.

Ms. Rysha, the native speaker, with OLE-students

This school year started with a new idea of teaching English. Ms. Rysha (India) kindly replied our request to work with Russian students. It's always very useful for ESL students to have an opportunity communicating with native speakers.

Youth Exchange: the USA-Russia, 2014

We're happy to get a chance of meeting our friends from Epiphany School of Global Studies, New Bern, North Carolina. Our friendship started some years ago and we're still successfully collaborating with our partners from America. Epiphany School is a unique place with a spirit of peace, happiness and love. Russian students have already got a good experience of international collaborating being hosted in NB last year.

Ecological Conference and Youth Summit in Egypt (Sharm Elsheikh)

Russian students got the invitation to join the  International Conference and Youth Summit within the project "Let's take care of the Planet" in Egypt.

New Project - Smiling World

Our club is seeking partners to promote happiness throughout the world by spreading international smiles.  Smiling World aims to promote international peace throughout the world through smiles. 

My students' Activity Books

This school year started with a new idea of teaching English. My students are good internet users and spend much time online networking or just chatting with friends. I decided to use their online time productively.
Once a week the students have a task which is closely connected with their educational programm. They write messages according to the topics they discuss at the lessons. More over they prepare some tasks for spelling and grammar practising. After they offer the exercises to their classmates to do for a mark etc
So, really there are plenty of space for teacher's creativity.
Hope it works.

- 5A -
  1. Afina Startseva
  2. Arina Fyodorova
  3. Arseniy Kalashnikov
  4. Gleb Selyanin
  5. Sofiya Ponomaryova
  6. Viktoriya Tyurina
  7. Vladislav Fokin

- 5B -
  1. Egor Bigildeev
  2. Dmitriy Kormilitsin
  3. Mariya Miksha
  4. Polina Golodyagina
  5. Polina Chernyakova
  6. Vasilisa Serskova
 Anna's group:
Victor Voropaev

- 7A -
Olga's group :
(irregular verbs)
  1. Gleb Vinogradov
  2. Anastasiya Gordeychik
  3. Polina Lavrenyuk
  4. Jasmin Raimzhanova
  5. Nikita Zaytsev
  6. Sofiya Slobodyanyuk
  7. Sofiya Zavarnitsyna

- 7B -

Olga's group :
(irregular verbs)  
  1. Alexandra Dashenko
  2. Dariya Usynina
  3. Dariya Kudelya
  4. Elizaveta Meleshkina
  5. Serafima Savelieva
  6. Kirill Romanov
  7. Mariya Golikova
  8. Vasilisa Barykina
- 11A -
Olga's group :

iEARN Certificates

iEARN isn't just an ordinary network where students and teachers can share their ideas. It's a special platform where each participant can find something for him/herself. There are so many projects on different topics that all the teacher can join to the necessary group with their students easily.

London trip

A group of sudents from the school "7keys", Ole-club, are in London now. The program is amazing. It includes not just English lessons but lots of extra activities where Russian students meet peers around the world. More over there are some excursions which help the students to discover all the city with their own eyes.

I-MAGZ or Russian-Indian collaboration: to be continued...

My students are very active, positive and enthusiastic. They communicate with their peers all around the world. They've already joined many new projects and  keep on working with friends around the world within the own club's projects.

Need a teacher!

Dear Friends
Job vacancies for English language teachers
 If you are a native  English speaker with teaching experience, here is a teaching opportunity for you.
Russian students are looking for an English teacher who could help them improve their proficiency in English, Grammar, vocabulary, phonetics and pronunciation. 

Summer camp "Tomorrow Stars"

It was the first experience for kids as well as for teachers of the school "7 keys". We discussed the program of the camp with a facilitator of an international project  from Ghana - Richard Breon Malcalm. The camp was thematic - "The world of fairy-tales".

Teachers beyond borders

Mass Media about it:

"Восточный Экспресс" ("Vostochniy Express")

International collaboration is a good method not just for a language practice but it's also a great an opportunity to communicate with people of different nationalities, religions and life ideas.
I'm sure that very often teachers can do more than any others. So Richard Breon Malcalm, "the monitoring and evaluation officer" of the own NGO, decided to prove this statement.

French partners

We've found new partners in France. Elisabeth Dovèze the teacher is so active and ready to start a new collaboration. Her students - Inès and Florent; they are 10 years old - have already done the first step and have drawn some posters for their Russian friends. Hope you recognize the famous sight of France.

Russian toys for Japaneese kids

Dear friends and partners, sure you remember Yoko Takagi - the facilitator of  "Machinto" project and the person with a gold heart! She's already had some video conferences with our students, where they've discussed lots of questions. Russian students sent a parcel with toys, presents and small gifts to Japanese friends last year.

Youth Exchange: Russia-India-2014

We're all so excited dreaming about our meeting with new friends. They've already sent us some letters and posters of friendship and with NY wishes. All Russian students have speacial journals where they'll write all the new info about India.

Youth Exchange: Russia-India-2014

We're glad to share the information about the new invitation for our club! Our friends from India are willing to meet us and we've already discussed all the details of a new youth exchange. No doubt it'll be a good experience not just for students but for teachers too. Russian people used to perceive India as bright and musical fairy-tale. So we've got a chance of comparing our stereotypes with the reality))