Our Little English...RAP!!!

Studing English, kids discover a lot of new things but the most difficult for them is learning all the grammar rules and especially verb forms. My little students are very creative and energetic they try to make something interesting, something unusual for easy language learning. This rap is a great example of their grammar creation))) Present Perfect is the most difficult grammar material not just for primary students.
So enjoy it with Arina and Alexandra, 4th grade, Gymnasia 23, Chelyabinsk, Russia!

"Firstword" exam in OLE club!

First Exams

Dear kids and their parents,
I want to congratulate you with the end of the school year and say I was glad to work with your kids.
 Our kids have a great opportunity to get a "Firstwords" certificate.
best wishes,
Olga Yurievna

Teddy Bear Game

Many children have a teddy bear. 
Find out about the history of teddy bears with this quiz. 
(just click on a picture)

Presents for a Classmaster

My dear friends,
I know that this post is so far from English but I'm eager to share them. Two films are the films of my students' school life. They're in the 9th grade (linguistic programme) now and they're ready to boast themselves as well as their lovely...classmaster))))

My students also try to remind their past times, when they were so cute and funny))

I love all of them greatly!

Victory Day

My dear friends, today we celebrate Victory Day. This memory day is very important for all the Russians as well as for our friends from ex-Soviet Republics. I don't want to discss the moments of War here I want to remind you that Day of victory when all the people didn't think about nationalities they were just happy!Remember, just together we can be strong, but not separately!