Russian toys for Japaneese kids

Dear friends and partners, sure you remember Yoko Takagi - the facilitator of  "Machinto" project and the person with a gold heart! She's already had some video conferences with our students, where they've discussed lots of questions. Russian students sent a parcel with toys, presents and small gifts to Japanese friends last year.

Today Yoko shared one more brilliant idea:
Dear Olga...
Now we have a new JEARN member named "Masako Sakamoto" recently who lives in the same city of Yoko's. 
She is a mother of 5 years old boy and she has a circle of mothers who are interested in giving the opportunities to their kids to be connected to the world.
Then I have the idea if these two (micky mouse and dog) can visit their kids with other presents/drawings etc.. in the box.  They will send a box to OLE Club members in return, exchange news and lives even slow ways.
If you agree and give me their names, I will take the whole box in my car and deliver it to their circle.
Let me listen to your voice.  I cc this to Masako herself
and TBP coordinator Rasa and Yoshiko.

My love,

"Dear Olga, 

Thank you so much for taking it as "Parcel' Exchange program"!
Here is one lady who is more happier than Yoko to read your mail.
That is Ms. Masako Sakamoto herself !
I cc this mail to her, so three of us share the information and planning.
Olga, I am going to take Vicky and Jane with other gifts to her house
next early week, then I will meet your second graders over skype someday
when both are OK. 

Hope it works !

Yoko is really amazing woman, a real Ambassador of Peace! I'm so happy and so proud of being her partner and friend!


Anonymous said...

I'm student of class 5 and I work with a native speaker.It really helps us work with him in the classroom and at recess and I understand all that he says. Kristina Nikolaeva 5b class

Anonymous said...

thats amazing.thanks for sharing it with us