Need a teacher!

Dear Friends
Job vacancies for English language teachers
 If you are a native  English speaker with teaching experience, here is a teaching opportunity for you.
Russian students are looking for an English teacher who could help them improve their proficiency in English, Grammar, vocabulary, phonetics and pronunciation. 

Job Requirement

Position:  Teacher
Country of working:  Russia

City of working:  Chelyabinsk
  •  5 or 6 lessons a day
  • Age  – 7- 12 y.o
  • Extra classes / individual lessons
  • Thematic courses (country studying, customs and tradition, folk, etc )
  • International projects (if any)
  • Cultural aspect

Your salary is based on your experience,which we will discuss during your interview 
If you are interested in this opportunity please  provide us with the following details:
  • Your email address and phone no. to allow us to verify your status.
  • Your current job/past experience
  • Provide the school/employer name and location of the job.
  • Specify what experience and/or qualifications you have

Contact name:   Olga Timofeeva (email: )

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