First step-iEARN Conference

Dear friends, I want to present you the first 11 year old participant of an International iEARN Conference ( a list of participants).

Epiphany School

Two busy days in Epiphany School!

Salem principals

We met with principals of the Senior and the Elementary schools and discussed the possibility of youth exchanges. They both  were interested enough in our collaboration. Now we need just wait for the final decision of Salem educational department. 

Faith Chapel Fellowship

It was the first day in USA and it started with Faith Chapel Fellowship visiting. We were really shocked by listening to so many life stories from people we never met before. The stories were about their troubles and problems. They thanked all the audience for help and support. It was so touching. People around were so friendly and hospitable and it was so important for us in that first day in America.

Invitation from North Carolina

We've got an invitation from North Carolina and now we're in America!
We're also planning to visit some schools in Salem, Ohio in order to discuss the possibility of youth exchanges.

Parcel to Taiwan

Cindea has got our parcel and she's going to send it to Amanda's kids, so we'll have new friends very soon!

Gifts to friends, Taiwan

Sandy and her students have got our parcel!