Youth Exchange: Russia-India-2014

We're all so excited dreaming about our meeting with new friends. They've already sent us some letters and posters of friendship and with NY wishes. All Russian students have speacial journals where they'll write all the new info about India.


Our trip was long enough and we spent nearly 16 hours more for it. Anyway we know that nothing happens without reasons))) We visited the beautiful city Mumbai (Bombei) which is called - Bollywood! 

Day 1
January, 17

The first day of the exchange brought us lots of new meetings, news and information...

Day 2
January, 18

It was the first official day of the exchange. Indian students prepared some surprises for Russians. Early in the morning after a group meeting we've attended some classes and did some activities with Indian students.  Russian and Indian students had also got a special meeting together where they discussed school life of both countries. After lunch we've heard sounds of a school orchestra. We were followed by some musicians while we were going to the Basketball Court where Russian team was met by students of Rishikil School (primary, middle and secondary wings)! There was the Opening Ceremony with speaches, quizzes and, of course, national anthems.
The day wasn't full of just official ceremonies and serious work. Russian delegation was invited to the Birthday Celebration of Pre-Primary Students, where we danced and had lots of fun with little kids!

Day 4
January, 20

The day was full of events. Russian team visited Rishikul Vidyapeeth Alipur school. We met new people there and students of both countries share the information about their countries. One more round table work, one more chance to enlarge students' experience. It was really great to watch all of them After 30-40 min we started preparing for the next part of the day - ecological demonstartion. Russian and Indian students discussed the ideas of saving the environment and told people around about it! Russian students were as active as their Indian peers even hadn't such an experience before. Finally, we joined the performance and danced with our new friends!

Day 5
January, 21

The day presented us some historical places of India. Students visited Qutab Minar, Lotus Temple and Delhi Haat. The last place was a local market with lots of handicrafts. So Russian students were introduced with national culture much. Though it was raining all the day long we had lots of warm memories about it. Our lunch was in Delhi Haat Restaurant where we tried Indian food again but we were pleased to discover non spicy Indian food!))) This day was marked as the perfect day by all the students.

Day 6 
January, 22


Day 7
January, 23


Yusif Aliyev said...

Dear Olga, I congratulate you and your students for your going to India successfully. I know that your students have spent nice days in India.I'm sure that your studens have demonstrated their knowledge in India ,too. My students love you and your students.They also congratulate you!
Best wishes==Yusif Aliyev

Murielle Ducroo said...

Hello Olga and the russian team,
I used to have a partner school in Indore (India) 4 years ago. They are so nice people and their cooking is famous !! Have fun there,
French Partner

Anonymous said...

very interesting programmo, it's great we have such an experience. I was not able to go to India, but I think I'll host friends from India. If you want to be my friend write me back
Alena Kolesnikov, Chelyabinsk.
school "7keys"

Anonymous said...

It's a very great programm. I like this idea! I think it's important because kids visit different countries, chat with residents and merrily spend time!
Anna Beketova, School 7 Keys
Chelyabinsk, Russia

Anonymous said...

I think this program is very good for children because a each child learns to understand and I think if children are able to participate in international projects, children can easily learn English and speak English.
These programms allow you to find friends from different countries and learn English more. I like very much how the guys flew to India!
Burkovskaya Vlada
school "7 keys" Chelyabinsk Russia

Rysha Hamza said...

I am so glad to intern with the 7 keys school. Representing India in a foreign land gives me a sense of pride and belonging which cannot be experienced in my home country. Such exchange programs are a wonderful way to encourage cross cultural understanding - dispelling many myths and encouraging universal brotherhood. I love Chelyabinsk :)