Azerbaijanian partners

Hello,my dear friends!
I liked the new images,videos in blog.
I feel always happy for your success.I hope our collaboration will bring  happiness and luck to all of us!

Looking for friends!

Meet us!
We're Elena and Olga.
We want to invite all the teachers to join us!
Working with kids under 12 for some years we've learnt lots of things from them.
The best one is to dream and to believe in  all our dreams)))
Now as their teachers we want to realize all the dreams.... Let's start our collaboration!

International Youth Summit "Natural Disasters" in Turkey

We were the only Russian Team in Turkey! Our 15 year old students presented not just the country and te city, but also the serious situation of global warming in Russia!

Teachers' VC "Azerbaijan-Russia"

Teachers of two countries, principles of schools, the Head of the club "Russian World" Anatoliy Voinkov and the Director of Azerbaijanian cultural centre Rafail Kuliev shared their ideas in a field of international collaboration.

Days of Our Little English club!