Ecological Conference and Youth Summit in Egypt (Sharm Elsheikh)

Russian students got the invitation to join the  International Conference and Youth Summit within the project "Let's take care of the Planet" in Egypt.
The programm of the event includes eco-sessions, workshops and discussions.
This Celebration marks decade of the united nation’s aim for sustainable development in both educational and environmental field.
After ten years of hard work and devotion towards the environment, the facilitators of the project wanted to reward all the participants who took part in our conferences.
The celebration will include participants from all the countries that have hosted the project, which are about 70 countries. They will gather and view what have been accomplished during those past 10 years to preserve our planet.
The celebration will be held in Sharm Al Sheikh international conference center from the 28th of September to the 2nd of October 2014 under the title “ Let’s be positive for the sustainability of the planet, it’s time to act” .
Participants can also the virtual learning community, where the conference is running every day! It’s a special space to be together, share ideas and spread the word about our commitments to the lets take care of the planet project.

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