Global Motherland NEWS

Dear friends,The Global Motherland Festival-2011 is over. It was a fabulous 5 days period of our life! We introduces ourselves, share teaching and learning English ideas, worked together in project workshops and just enjoy ourselves!
Lots of video and photos were made and we're glad to share them

Heartful words from Lynn Rosen

Oh Olga don't tell me you can't write 
So many thoughts you did invite 
The projects you do are second to none 
Most of all you always shine in the sun 

I am proud of you and what you represent 
A woman of substance so determined and spent 
on giving those kids 100% 

God Bless you for all that you try 
A new frontier is opening because you reach for the sky 
Oh Olga know it is true 
Your mom is so proud of you 

                                       Mom Lynn 

(all the books can be bought here

The first Festival!

Dear friends, we want to share our happiness! We're palnning to organize the first GM festival in Russia. Two teams will join us: Turkish and Azerbaijanian friends! Russian students of Gymnasia 23 are working with a programme for our guests. Sure there will me a fabulous meeting!