I-MAGZ or Russian-Indian collaboration: to be continued...

My students are very active, positive and enthusiastic. They communicate with their peers all around the world. They've already joined many new projects and  keep on working with friends around the world within the own club's projects.
After the iEARN conference in Qatar, Doha, 2014, Russian students got good friends in India - the country or happiness, brightness, beautiful songs and incredible dances.
Russian students have already shared the information about the youth exchange in Sonepat, India. And now one more school is ready to open its doors for OLE students. Ms. Geeta Rajan, a teacher and a coordinator of the project from New Delhi, kindly invited us to join her ideas and send our works and articles for the international magazine. So, today we're celebrating a birthday of OLE-club's new experience - start of working in "I-MAGZ". Sure it'll be productive collaboration!

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Rysha Hamza said...

Coming from India to Russia as an exchange participant, it was fascinating for me to hear stories about India from my students. I felt doubly sure that more students and teachers ought to take part in such collaborative programs - it is enriching, enlightening and a lot of fun!