Scotland, 2020

The program was focused on developing students' language level. They were tested and divided into level groups from elementary to intermediate one. The two week stay in Scotland let us not just practise English, enlarge and enrich vocabulary, learn grammar and make writing skills better.

Czech Republic, 2019

The unique exprience of educational and cultural mix!The group of different age students were invited to Czech Republic to join the English course and to emjoy cultural and historical places in Prague.Besides they were working within the language project where they were taught how to work with texts, how to make good essay-descriptions and many other useful academical skills.

Scotland, 2018

The close group is a good experience of learning with native speakers! This group of 7 and 8 graders were an apple of teacher' eye! The girls worked in a close group (with no other students) where they developed their communicative skills. Every day their teacher Helen created unusual tasks which were finished by all the girls successfully and with great pleasure. Besides (my favourite "besides") the girls were working within the country study project.

England, 2018

The new meeting with our hospitable educator Michelle! be continued

Ireland, 2017

New trip and new knowledge! 
Educational programm and international life experience!