Ireland, 2017

New trip and new knowledge! Educational programm and international life experience!

Youth Exchange, 2016 (Russia-the USA)

We're so happy to get an invitation from our good partners and truly friends - Epiphany students to visit their hospitable school and families again! The program is going to promote peace, friendship and global understanding! It's a great opportunity for 11-17 year old children to know each other better, to get more information about people who live in America and to understand that we've got more in common! Besides lessons Russian visitors will be introduced American history, places of interest and native lifestyle. More over Russian students will get more information about Christmas celebrations, preparations, customs and traditions. So as usually we've brought back home unforgettable memories! Follow the exchanges here...

Youth Exchange: Russia - Japan, 2016

We're happy to share the news about the youth exchange! Our friends from Japan kindly invited us to their native cities in order to collect the information about the country, native speakers and their life style. Japan is always being a special country to Russians with its unique lifestyle and cultural values. Yoko Takagi and Tomoko Kurita are so helpful teachers who have already prepared a plan of events for our stay there! We also want to give a special thank to Yoshiko Fukui for her support with official papers. No doubt it'll be unforgetable adventure for both sides! We're so excited waiting for the date of meeting! 

Youth Exchange, 2015 (Russia-the USA)

This year we're going to visit our good partners from the USA (NC, New Bern) again. Some of students have already become good friends! It's really a great opportunity for all the students as well as for the teachers to have an amazing experience of communication and global understanding!

Let's teach together!

Hello friends! We're students and teachers from Russia, Chelyabinsk city (the capital of South Ural). Our students have lots of opportunities and possibilities for international collaboration that helps them to discover the world around. All the students and teachers are also members of this OLE-club (the club of international cooperation).