Youth Exchange: the USA, 2014

We're ready to start! Now we're preparing some information about our country and about our city. More over Russian students will present national costumes, songs and even a dance. No doubt it'll be one more unforgettable exchange for both sides!

It's time to introduce ourselves:

Anastasiya Bondarenko, Grade 6
Igor Pollak, Grade 7
Alexandra Akeleva, Grade 7
Anna Beketova, Grade 8
Alexandra Shavrina, Grade 7

Sofia Semenova, Grade 11

Flights and the first evening

I can't say that our flights were so exhausting for all the team. We spent nearly 17 hours in the sky and some hours in the airports but it worth spending so much time to see our friends again!

First Meetings (Day 1)

Sofia Semenova about the day:
"I had a good time with my friends. We were in a city's museum where there were a lot of interesting historical things and we watched a short movie about the  history of New Bern. Then we walked to Tryon Palace. It was a beautiful place. There were some ancient statues, eye-catching pattern of vegetation etc. And finally we visited Andrew's house where we had a party, ate tasty dishes and had fun with American students. All of us got a present from our American friends"

Family Communication (Day 2)

Alexandra Shavrina :  "My own  family and my host family are really the same. Both of families are very friendly and sociable

 Aleksandra Akeleva : "Families...yes, they are like the same. Today we have the whole evening talking. My host family is very interesting. We talked on different topics, looked through the pictures and compared Russian culture and American one, shared funny stories from our own  lives

Sofia Semenova: "My host family has lots in common with my own family. All members of the host family take much care and are very kind to me as my mom. And we always have topics to talk: life in Russia, Russian families, Russian traditions etc. I feel so comfortable and safe here! Moreover, there are 4 cats at home and I love cats so much. I have a cat in Russia. So, I feel myself like at home"

School and International Family Night (Day 3)

The day was full of emotions. First of all, Russian students got a chance of being involved in an educational process with their host sisters and brothers.
Russian students compared the methods of teaching and the types of tasks American students have to do at school and at home.Some lessons were strange enough for Russians but they were very curious about everything around.After a school day Russian and American students had time to prepare their home tasks together!
In the evening we were the most exciting about the absolutely new event for us. It was an International Family night, where all the families were welcome to introduce cultures of the other
countries (the countries they've already visited and liked most of all). Russia was presented by our team.
Russian students started with a Russian dance and then Anna told a lot about Russian crafts, Aleksandra Akeleva shared the information about Tula's gingerbread, Sofia showed the photos of Russian food and the process of cooking, Anastasiya Bondarenko explained how to make special dolls from the salty pastry and decorate them. So it was really amazing time for all of the students!

Excursion and public speech (Day 4)

First experience of public speaking wasn't very easy for Russian students. The stage was big and so many eyes were watching us attentively.
It was really an honor for us to be there and to feel a support of all the audience. Students, teachers and parents smiled, nodded their heads and showed with their sparkling eyes that they agreed with everything we talked about from the stage! It was such a special feeling unfamiliar for some of the students before.
After such an important ceremony we spent time enjoying the excursion to Wilmington.

Weekend! (days 5, 6)
All the host families prepared the special program for our students!

Akeleva Aleksandra:  
"My days off were cool! They began on Friday evening; all of us watched the movie and ate pizza. We were tired after the working week that after watching the movie all of us went to bed. I slept enough to feel well in the morning. Saturday morning started with a breakfast in a pleasant sea restaurant. Densely from having breakfast we went shopping, and spent all day doing shopping! Sunday morning we went to tried American pancakes, they were very tasty. I was very happy!"

Beketova Anna:
On weekends we spend good time together. We drove to the capital of North Carolina, Raleigh and went to the big shopping Mall. Then I was on the farm, and saw horses and goats. After that I rested and relaxed. And now I'm ready again for the hard working week.

Semenova Sofia:
"Those two days were like in a fairy tale! On Saturday we were in Museum of Natural science! It was amazing! I have known more about nature of North Carolina. There were some skeletons of dinosaurs, skulls of people which lived 1.000.000 years ago. Then we visited an exhibition of butterflies. It was a room full of different kinds of butterflies which were flying over your head and could even sit on your nose. I love to draw butterfly and it was really interesting for me! After museum we did some shopping and came back to the hotel. On Sunday we came back to New Bern. I think all of us had a lot of fun!"

Butalova Anastasiya:
"Weekend was just great. On Friday, I was invited to spend time with another host family. On Saturday, the whole day I was with them. They had a wonderful puppy. In the afternoon we went to the cinema and watched a movie went (3 hours!). It was a wonderful movie, I liked it very much. After that we decided to eat sushi at home. In the evening, I was taken back to host family. On Sunday morning we went to a school where Molly and her mother taught kids, they were so cute. After, we went to church, met up with friends and went to a restaurant. At the restaurant we met up with Sasha. In the evening we turned back to the church. There we played games, watched videos. This weekend left a lot of positive impressions."

Alexandra Shavrina:

"My weekend was very interesting. On Saturday we went shopping. I saw a Christmas tree in the mall; it was very big and nice. I colored the clay toys and talked with my host sister. After shopping we went to the restaurant, where I was asked to write “thank you” in Russian! On Sunday we went to in bowling alley and laser- tag! It was a good and interesting weekend, thanks my host family"

Primary and Elementary Schools (Day 7)

The first part of the day was extremely busy. All the Russian students were divided into two groups of 3 and 4 students. The had a special plan of visiting all the grades of the school with their presentations about Russia. its traditions, customs and holidays. More over Russian students played traditional games with their American friends. So both of them had lots of fun that day!
Olga the teacher had time to discuss possible ways of collaboration with primary teachers. The idea of class-to-class collaboration was supported by all the American teachers. The first step will be the self-introduction in order to let students find friends in Russia, so Olga will bring to school "7 keys" first posters from students of Epiphany School!

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