Best wishes from all around the world!

We're so lucky to have a friendly international family. We have been working for a year successfully and have known some of our partners better and some of them have become our good friends. We visited some of our friends and shared our life ideas collaborating eye-to-eye.

Russian team - 2013 (Russian-American Exchange)

We're all in the aiport waiting for the first flight to Moscow! The team is so happy! We've got not just lots of ideas and thoughts about our further collaboration, we'll also bring Russian sparkling eyes, hot hearts and our strong belief that Friendship will make the world better! 

An Experience of a life time.

Hi, everyone! It is a great privilege to be able to share with you my experiences so far, as a teacher of English in the Russian-British Institute of MGT., Chelyabinsk, Russia. It has been a great four weeks experience since I first arrived.

Native speaker in OLE-club

Hi, my name is Joel Kofi Antwi, from Ghana,West Africa. I am sure many of you may have already heard a little about me from my good friend, Olga. I am really glad to be a part of this life changing experience for both myself , students and teachers of RBIM.


Our international partners became our truly friends. Thanks a lot for your frirendship and for your willingness to keep on our collaboration and let our students know about our countries more by their close cooperation, communication and sharing information about our life styles. Here you can find the info about our friends from Japan. Their teacher- Atsuko Akamatsu is so kind to send us all the materials.

Letters from students:
School "7 keys" (Chelyabinsk city), teacher Olga Timofeeva

School № 1 (Miass town), teacher Anna

We've already published a book "Peace Book" and now our partners from Japan shared their ideas about Peace too. We're going to collect all the students' essays and publish a new international "Peace Book"!

Students from two countries have already shared the information about their school life!
Answers 1 (Japan to Russia)      
Answers 2 (Japan to Russia)         
Answers 3 (Japan to Russia)           
Answers 4 (Japan to Russia)

Questions 1 (Japan to Russia)     Answers 1 (Russia to Japan)
Questions 2 (Japan to Russia)     Answers 2 (Russia to Japan)
Questions 3 (Japan to Russia)     Answers 3 (Russia to Japan)
X-mas and NY cards from Japan for Russian friends!

Joel, Ghana, Africa

My students got a chance of practising English with our friend from Ghana-Joel Kofi. We're going to discuss lots of topics together. Joel has already shared the information about the national flag, the place of the country on the map and some special traditions and customs of his native country.

Youth Exchange "The USA-Russia"

We've already written about our American partners, from New Bern (North Carolina). Russian students have already hosted the team from Epiphany School of Global Studies and we've had a whale of time in June! The team of students from "OLE-club" is also invited to visit the USA, where Russian students will join the educational process and just spend time with their peers.

Международные молодёжные обмены

Уважаемые родители, получив информацию о возможности участия вашего ребёнка в молодёжном обмене (образовательном или культурном), не устремляйте свой взор только на принимающую страну.

New Partners - Nezabudka

Dear OLE family, you can't even imagine partners who wants to start working with us and share their life ideas with all the friends! Sure such partners are too rare in international collaboration. They're only 3-4 years old! They perceive the world in a special way. Their eyes are always sparkling with happiness and they trust all the adults nearby. So their upbringers - Svetlana and Lyubov -  are ready to help kids to present Russian tiny world to the friends around the world!

iEARN Conference and Youth Summit - 2013

We're in Moscow, just some hours far from Qatar. Our friends from all over the world are waiting for us. We've got many suveniers, smiles and sparkling eyes for them!

Russian team
(from left to right):

Anastasiya Bukharina
Vasilisa Kovaleva
Alexandra Kozhevnikova
Olga Timofeeva
Evgeniya Udalova
Valeriya Timofeeva

iEARN Conference and Youth Summit - Qatar

We were invited to participate at the 20th Annual iEARN International Conference and 17th Annual Youth Summit 2013. The annual Conference will be held in Doha – Qatar from July 1st to July 6th, 2013.

Friends from North Carolina

Today we hosted the group of our American friends! It was a nice evening with tea, pancakes and cookies where Russian and American students met first time and got acquainted with  each other. Some of our friends have already shared first emotions: ))))

Amazing Studio

No doubt, there are lots of amazing and unusual people around the world. We can meet them everywhere. Such people can make us feel better and understand the value of life. I want to share just one video here in order to present special people who devote their lives to children and it's not just a modern slogan for them but their real lifestyle!

The Real Work!

Our partners and friends are very interested in all the topics I (Olga Timofeeva) suggested  for discussion before. So my work and everything I do is neccessary for my students and for students around the world, their acceptance is the best prize for me!

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Parcel from Sandy, Taiwan

  We've been collaborating with Sandy's class for nearly a year. Sandy sent us messages from her kids and we've already shared some posters. Yesterday we received a parcel from Elementary School from Taiwan.
  Russian students were so glad to get smal nice gifts and they looked through the book with posters with great pleasure. Thanks, dear friends!

Teachers from NC

Dear OLE family, today is the special day for us. We've met our partners and good friends from New Bern, North Carolina - Mary Carrol and Beckie.

These teachers are very positive and their strong wish of international collaboration let us sign an agreement between two schools: Gymnasia 23 and Epiphany School.
No doubt it's a great start of Global Friendship!

Posters from NC

VC with our friends from NC is here

Friendly OLE Family

Dear friends, we want to share our smiles and present you the results of one very interesting game, where we drew each other and wrote each other congratulations and wished visiting different countries etc.
We're all are good friends though we're students of different classes. These posters show you our true feelings and emotions.