iEARN Certificates

iEARN isn't just an ordinary network where students and teachers can share their ideas. It's a special platform where each participant can find something for him/herself. There are so many projects on different topics that all the teacher can join to the necessary group with their students easily. iEARN projects help either students or teachers discover the world around. Enriching the curriculum with such projects is really very useful. Students can practise their theoretical knowledge, compare them with the other students and make important life decisions.
Joining this network more than 6 years ago, I couldn't even imagine the importance of iEARN collaboration for me. Now it's a part of my life.
My main goal is to show my students the world with the native speakers' eyes, in order to make my
students tolerant to all the nations in the world, being responsible for their own actions and thoughts and to give them an opportunity of making the world better. It's really the task of a new generation.


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