SUE VC on April 15th

We want to thank Valery Timofeeva and Anna Sichinskaya for participating in VC.
They told the other countries about our school uniform in the way we can be proud of!

"SUE" project with Turkish friends!

This month we've joined the new project "School Uniform Exchange", facilitated by Taiwan. This theme is so topical for our gymnasia, so we decided to share our ideas with all the friends arounf the world.
So 15 year old students team and his teacher Olga Timofeeva was invited to visit Kocaeli in order to join the Youth Exchange in a frame of the project. Turkish teacher Huri Cinar and her students became our friendly host family. They prepared one week programme of international collaboration. Each student felt comfortable with their host sisters and host brothers as well as with host parents. Believe us, we've never felt the same! Really, unbelievable days in hospitable Turkey!
Thanks, dear friends for everything you've done for us!

Youth Echange in Turkey - 2011

The team of 6 students joined a new project! SUE project is a great way of collaboration in order to let students all over the world being proud of their school uniform, discusings advantages and disadvantages of having this or that style of uniform at school.
Russian students made lots of meetings and conferences with their Azerbaijanian and Turkish friends. No doubt it was a fabulous Youth Exchange, where students shared life ideas and made lots of useful contacts! We want to thank Huri Teacher and her students for that opportunity!