First prize

Good news are worth to be shared with all of my partners and truly friends around the world. I've got the first prize in a district teachers' competition. It's not just my own success. I want to thank all of my international friends who supported me and helped me by posting messages in iEARN forum.

My special thank to Ekaterina Tarasenko,
 my friend and my workmate.

NY and X-mas

OLE-club students wish all the best to all of their friends around the world!

Epiphany School+Gymnasia 23

   The team of OLE-club students was invited to join the international youth exchange. Sixth graders will present their life ideas and share their feelings with American peers.
    Epiphany School  (New Bern, NC) is a special place where happiness, friendship, respect and tolerance live and make the school so hospitable.
    Gymnasia 23 (Chelyabinsk, Russia) will host American friends in June, 2013.
    So, no doubt it'll be a great start of an international friendship!

First step-iEARN Conference

Dear friends, I want to present you the first 11 year old participant of an International iEARN Conference ( a list of participants).

Epiphany School

Two busy days in Epiphany School!

Salem principals

We met with principals of the Senior and the Elementary schools and discussed the possibility of youth exchanges. They both  were interested enough in our collaboration. Now we need just wait for the final decision of Salem educational department. 

Faith Chapel Fellowship

It was the first day in USA and it started with Faith Chapel Fellowship visiting. We were really shocked by listening to so many life stories from people we never met before. The stories were about their troubles and problems. They thanked all the audience for help and support. It was so touching. People around were so friendly and hospitable and it was so important for us in that first day in America.

Invitation from North Carolina

We've got an invitation from North Carolina and now we're in America!
We're also planning to visit some schools in Salem, Ohio in order to discuss the possibility of youth exchanges.

Parcel to Taiwan

Cindea has got our parcel and she's going to send it to Amanda's kids, so we'll have new friends very soon!

Gifts to friends, Taiwan

Sandy and her students have got our parcel!

Friends from Ghana

Today the group of OLE-club students visited school 76 in order to share their ideas about friendship. The school museum of peace organized a meeting, where a guest from Ghana-Steven presented his country and discussed the possibility of friendship beyond borders.There were 5 teams from different schools and our students got a chance of meeting new friends, who were older but very active and full of energy. OLE students practised their English talking with Steven. All the rest participants were surprised by hearing our students' English. Language level was noticed even by the teachers. All the students made posters about friendship and presented their ideas and thoughts with creations. Really "Friendship has no borders!"

North Carolina

My dear OLE students, our first parcel was received by our friends from North Carolina! Seven graders from the Epiphany School looked up Chelyabinsk and even found our school on Google Earth. They are so excited about working with OLE students. They have many ideas about sharing their culture with us all and look forward to this collaboration! More over they're willing to set up a video conference in the near future!

Original African Bijou

Working with African partners from Sierra-Leone on Gift to Nation project, we've got a chance of learning more about African kids' living. There are just some native volunteers who help kids with their education, because it's so expensive to go to school and get a real education in this country. So we can help them by donating a sum of money buying their bijou.
Please, choose one answer from the poll on the left in order to let our friends know if you're ready to help or not!

Conference Agenda

We all work for our children and for their happy future. Our international connection let them know all their dreams can come true just in case true feelings and global friendship. I'm happy to be a part of international family where people are not just official partners but good friends who are always ready to help and support with heartful words or a wise advice. I want to thank all of my LKF partners for their special attitude to my work. My students are also proud of being a part of such a global connection. They're not tired to make posters and write essays for presenting own ideas to their international peers around the world. My daughter Valery has already done a lot by joining lots of project VCs and camp meetings. So it's my best project and life partner!

New invitations!

We're so proud of getting these new invitations and want to share our happiness with all of our friends around the world!

Youth Leaders Experience (cartoon makers)

Hello, my name is Dominic Mara and I want to tell you about my work at the IT seminar in Azerbaijan. My primary job there was to tell about Oleg Mityaev’s “Bright Future” Studio and the “Let's give children all we've got” Program. 

The first seminar "IT usage for complex skilled education"

My dear OLE family,we're working hard and lots of friends all over the world know us and successfully collaborate with us. We've already joined lots of international projects and use all the modern information technologies for them. My students are very good at blogging where they not just practise their English but try to learn more about services web 2.0.

Обобщение опыта работы 2010-2012

Sorry, dear friends, here's just a Russian version of the report. I promiss to upload an English one a little bit later.


you can find a report about our first results here (just Russian)

A one year Memorial Day...

A quote from a Japanese student's letter, - "It was a one year memorial day of March 11th for all the victims and the suffered from Tohoku Earthquake, Tsunami, and Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant accident.  

Hello from Miass

We are happy to join OLE family!
We are pupils of 2 and 3 forms school 2 from Miass Russia
Looking forward to your comments!

New Creation

Hi everybody again. Hope you missed us greatly so we're ready to boast our new creation. OLE students are so active and full of unexpected ideas.

One more brilliant student

I'm really the happiest teacher in the world, because my students are crazy about English and everything which is closely connected with it. Dana Kosimtseva created a blog ( and have already posted lots of messages their in order to improve her written skills and just for sharing her own life style ideas.

ENJOY ENGLISH: periarif's photostream

ENJOY ENGLISH: periarif's photostream: periarif's photostream on Flickr. Pen-Friends from Turkey!

The best student's blog

Dear friends, you know nearly all of my students are hardworking and I'm so proud of them. Here I want to introduce one of them - Alexandra Deytina.

Russian-American collaboration in a peacekeeping programme

Dear friends, we've already told you about our new researching within a limits of Challenge 20/20 international project (

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