Our international partners became our truly friends. Thanks a lot for your frirendship and for your willingness to keep on our collaboration and let our students know about our countries more by their close cooperation, communication and sharing information about our life styles. Here you can find the info about our friends from Japan. Their teacher- Atsuko Akamatsu is so kind to send us all the materials.

Letters from students:
School "7 keys" (Chelyabinsk city), teacher Olga Timofeeva

School № 1 (Miass town), teacher Anna

We've already published a book "Peace Book" and now our partners from Japan shared their ideas about Peace too. We're going to collect all the students' essays and publish a new international "Peace Book"!

Students from two countries have already shared the information about their school life!
Answers 1 (Japan to Russia)      
Answers 2 (Japan to Russia)         
Answers 3 (Japan to Russia)           
Answers 4 (Japan to Russia)

Questions 1 (Japan to Russia)     Answers 1 (Russia to Japan)
Questions 2 (Japan to Russia)     Answers 2 (Russia to Japan)
Questions 3 (Japan to Russia)     Answers 3 (Russia to Japan)
X-mas and NY cards from Japan for Russian friends!

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