Friends from North Carolina

Today we hosted the group of our American friends! It was a nice evening with tea, pancakes and cookies where Russian and American students met first time and got acquainted with  each other. Some of our friends have already shared first emotions: ))))

 "After a long, restless flight, we finally arrived in Russia. I was not at all surprised that the city was so big, mostly because of the time I spent in New York. Nastya, the person I am currently staying with, is pretty cool. Andrew and I had a little trouble speaking with her at first, but eventually the awkwardness was belittled when we started talking about the meteor that kind a sort a blew up. I can’t wait for tomorrow and the adventures we’ll embark on!"                                          

               "Today we got off of the plane and stepped out into a new ‘world’. Everything was written in a different language and we couldn’t understand a thing anyone was saying. But, we got through it because we are awesome like that. Any-who, we were all crammed into a tiny van and we set off for the school. It was a very cramped and awkward trip. Imagine sitting in a van with 8 other people and their suitcases. I have to say that we were all “closer to each other” after that trip. We got to the school and met with our host brothers and sisters. We all met upstairs in a class room and sat at a table next to our host families. After that we ate at Nastya’s apartment so we’re all cool. I can’t wait for tomorrow!"                                                                                                                        

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