Christmas Tales - St.Petersburg

Collaborating within some international projects, my students have already done a lot! Last idea about publishing a book about Christmas attracted many partners. The book "Christmas Tales" will be published in February.
Folk tales, fairy-tales and just stories from all over the world will be included in the book. The students and teachers from Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, the USA, Turkey and Romania have already started discussing the ideas for their works.

The team from the school "7 keys" visited one of the largest cities in Russia - St. Petersburg for getting the information about this amazing ancient place with its historical sights, magic bridges and mystery streets... Russian students wrote fairy-tales in English and in their native language. They also took some photos and drew pictures for their works. So, no doubt, the international book about the same Christmas dreams of people from different countries will be the best example of tolerance, friendship and peace!

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yustas said...

Hello! My students will join to your project with great pleasure .They began to work on " Christmas Tales"