Pen Friends

Dear friends, partners and just people around the world! I'm a teacher of English from Russia and my students are very active in international projects. They've already done a lot and are still working hard making the world a better place...
a world of Friendship, Peace and Tolerance. English is a global language which can help them collaborating, sharing their ideas and thought with peers from different countries. It'll be great to give them more opportunities for communication!
If you want to have pen friends from our club, Russian pen friends, just write your names and emails to us below the post in a comment or send a letter by email


Alexandra said...

Hello, my name is Alexandra. I'm from Russia, Chelyabinsk city, I am a member of the club "OLE club"! I study at school "7 keys", my hobby is photography!
I want to have friends all over the world and I want to show my talents! I have a good experience of youth exchanges ! I was in America, and very soon I will fly to Egypt for the international conference. The theme of the conference : "Ecology", and I would like to take part in international projects, because it is very interesting to communicate with friends from different countries.

Ilya Pechenkin said...

Hello my name is Ilya and I like to play volleyball . I really like to have pen friends from inother country!

Tanya Nazarova said...

I really like this way to make new friends. I would like to have pen friend too.
I am Tanya, from Russia and my hobby is sketching, I think that so magnetically to have a letter with sketch. May be you like sketching too, I would like to share with you.

Екатерина Короткова said...

Hello,my name is Kate
And I want to make new friends
I live in Chelyabinsk, in the apartment, I have 2 cats, rats and fish
I love sports, how to deal with them and watch
I have been doing in the gym, ride a Conk, rollerblading, many engaged than
the window of my room are located on the roof of the store and there my hiding place
And we have a very funny family

Shavrina Sasha said...

Hi!My name is Sasha.I'm 14 years old.I had a great English practise in America last year.And American students come to Russia on Aprel.I participate in the exchange for the second time.I participate in the exchange for the second time. I was a host sister my very good friends Mary-Catherine Gray!
When students flight in Russia,I and my sister were glad to meet.Also I saw guys from Epiphany School.
Now I having a very friendlly and great friend Mary0Catherina Gray!

Дэвид Сидельников said...

Hi, I'm David.
I live in Chelyabinsk, this is my most favorite city.
I am a student, studying in 7th grade.

I have a hobby is playing the guitar, I have my own musical group.
Free time I like to spend with friends outdoors.

I would very much like to make friends with foreign children.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Im Ilya Tsvetkov and I want to tell about my self. So, my name is Ilya, I live in Chelyabisk, I love skateboarding and play in video game "Clash of Clans". I can do on a skateboard "Ollie" and nearly "Kick Flip". In Clash of Clans i play about three month and I very fast developed my village. So, if someone have same interests, I wait reply and i thinh we became friends. Bye. :)

михаил герасименко said...

hi my name is Michael Gerasimenko , my age is 14 and i am from chelyabinsk. i think my strong side is communicable and good sense of humour.
i have medium knowledge of English language and a was exchanged on international exchanges twice

Svetlana Vyshivanova said...

Hello, everybody! My name is Sveta, I'm 13 years old, I study in school "7 keys", in 7 grade. My hobby is dancing, reading and I want to make a new friends:)

Tima Melnik said...

Hello there! I'm Tim from the capital city of the south ural, now i am 14, i am studying at russian-british 7 keys school. Something about my hobbies: i am a beginer-drumer, real fan of the skatebording, because i am really like to skate, moderately crazy about sport, sport games and workout, to communicate with a friends, relatives, commrades newcomers, visitors of our country, or just with foreigners,- is one of my favourite employment! That's why i really like travelling around our world, to join our exchanges team!
Thank you!

Диана Ягуртова said...

Hello, everybody! My name is Diana.I live in Russia. I'm a pupil. I'm study in school "7 keys", in 7th grade. I would very much like to have a dating service in different countries. It is very important for me!