Youth Leaders Experience (cartoon makers)

Hello, my name is Dominic Mara and I want to tell you about my work at the IT seminar in Azerbaijan. My primary job there was to tell about Oleg Mityaev’s “Bright Future” Studio and the “Let's give children all we've got” Program. 
I made a presentation about the two different groups in the Studio: the Choir and the Performing Arts Group. I told everyone about the concerts that the children gave, about the camp that we had last summer, and I think that it was very interesting for everyone. My parents help to run the Studio and I, my brother and sister participate in all its activities. 

I also taught the children how to use the Windows Live© program for their school work to make it more interesting for them and their teachers. They were divided into two groups, then they made figures out of play dough and moved and took pictures of them. Then I made all the pictures into cartoons and showed it to the children. They liked it a lot! The first cartoon was about Little Red Riding Hood, and the second about the Big Turnip. I think that my work will help the kids’ school life to be more interesting. 

I liked working with the kids from Azerbaijan – it was a new experience for me, though sometimes it was a little bit hard to tell the children what to do, because only a few of them knew Russian. But those who did, helped to translate to the other kids.

I also liked Jalilabad – the city that we were in. It was very beautiful. There was a very nice park with a small lake with five swans living on it. We gave them names: Memphis, Ferb, Stew, Betty Jo, and Frankie. We could tell which one is which by their beaks and sizes. 

We’ve seen a lot of other animals too! Turtles, frogs and snakes lived by a river next to the restaurant where we ate. I caught a few frogs and a lizard and have the pictures to prove it. The frogs weren't too different from those we have here in the Urals, but the lizard was different. We don't have geckos here, and it was a gecko.

We also made a trip to the waterfalls outside the city. It was amazing: the water was very clean and we got to stand right under it and got all wet. But the weather was nice and hot, so we were dry in no time.   

The trip to Azerbaijan was fascinating, because it was a completely new culture for me. I have been to many different countries on trips with my parents, but it was my first time in a different country without them. I am thankful to my team and the team leader Olga Timofeeva, because without them I wouldn’t have been able to enjoy this unforgettable experience. 

Я - Александра Дейтина. Совершив поездку в Азербайджан, в Джалилабад я получила опыт и множество эмоций! Мой опыт заключался в том, чтобы донести и научить участников семинара использовать компьютерные технологии в обучении, а именно созданию и использованию блогов. Ребята очень усердно работали! Они действительно хотели познать что - то новое, они хотели использовать полученные знания. Каждый раз, после прослушивания теоретического материала, они рвались в студию для использования нового. Для меня, я еще раз убедилась, что не важно из какого ты города или страны - можно понять друг друга! С помощью этой поездки я стала терпимее, может  даже более смиренной в своих желаниях. Ведь когда ты не один, ты должен думать не только о себе и своих желаниях! Джалилабад сроднился со мной и я благодарна всем кто нас так радушно принял! Спасибо!



Olga said...

I'm so proud of my youth leaders who worked hard with me in Azerbaijan. Thanks a lot for your help, my dear students

Badalyan David said...

Dear friends.
I'm glad that you got new knowledge and get acquainted with other cultures around the world. I hope that you received something for yourself.

Anonymous said...

I looked all cartoons and i like this.Story about your some traveling on our english lesson was great.It was useful.Dominic is great in computer tecnologics.

Egor Ciulin

Ndi Eugene Ndi said...

Your culture is your identity and it is amazing reading this

Alexandra Deytina said...

Sorry for my Russian.
I am Alexandra Deytina. Having traveled to Azerbaijan, Jalilabad I gained experience and a lot of emotions! My experience is to inform and teach participants to use computer technology in teaching, namely, the creation and use of blogs. The guys worked very hard! They really wanted to know something new, they would like to use this knowledge. Each time, after listening to the theoretical material, they wanted to the studio to use the new. For me, I have been assured that no matter from what city or country are you - you can understand each other! With this trip, I became more tolerant, perhaps even more humble in their desires. After all, when you're not one, you have to think not only about yourself and your desires! Jalilabad affinity with me and I am grateful to all who have so eagerly accepted! Thank you!