A one year Memorial Day...

A quote from a Japanese student's letter, - "It was a one year memorial day of March 11th for all the victims and the suffered from Tohoku Earthquake, Tsunami, and Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant accident.  
Nearly 20,000 people dead and missing. Even the survived, many are not allowed to go home because of nuclear contamination.  Ms. Suzuka Namie,a high school student, is one of them. She moved from Fukushima to Saitama pref. near Tokyo last April because of evacuation. I asked Mr. Takeuchi, her new school teacher, for her note in English, so that it can be shared by teachers and students ..."
Please read it here  http://www.ourlittleenglish.blogspot.com/p/machinto-project.html . Any comments and encouragements will be appreciated. 

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