The first seminar "IT usage for complex skilled education"

My dear OLE family,we're working hard and lots of friends all over the world know us and successfully collaborate with us. We've already joined lots of international projects and use all the modern information technologies for them. My students are very good at blogging where they not just practise their English but try to learn more about services web 2.0.

Really OLE-club students are highly motivated in studying English and our Azerbaijanian partners are ready to invite us in order to share our own experience of international collaboration and IT using.
So we'll be the first international team (because we're going to work with Turkish partners there) of 11-13 year old students organizing a seminar for teachers!


Badalyan David said...

Wow!!! we are very famous! I love OLE-club! I want to take part in all projects!
it is an honor(честь) for me1

studentAnastasiya said...

We worked well and now we are famouse! OLE-club is good and useful. There we can communicate in english and take part in interesting projects, so a lot of people know us!)))

Olga said...

Thanks, my dear students, for your project activity. I'm so happy my partners also meet you here!