Ireland, 2017

New trip and new knowledge! Educational programm and international life experience!

Day 1

Today we have so interesting day. It began with sunny and warm morning. My way to school is so great because every day I need to go across the beautiful huge park. Our point of meeting was near the college. All of us was so happy to see our team. Honestly, I was the happiest person in the world when I met my lovely friends. All members of team was little bit nervous because of test. After our team meeting we went to classroom and two teacher gave us a paper with test and blanks for answers. We started to write and I felt so tense atmosphere. When we finished with the test our team had a break. We set on grass and communicate about the test. We found wrong answers and discussed about it. After break my team and me went to the canteen and teachers of the college told us rules of the school and gave us a plan of this day. Also teachers told us a results of the test and made a groups. We have a multinational groups because it includes Spanish, French and Italian people. My group is so funny and so cool. They are so nice and talkative. In class we played a game for familiarity. Also we had something like competition for check our vocabulary. My group is very clever. After our lesson I met with another members of team. They told me their emotions and opinion. All of us think that it's really good opportunity to hang out with foreigners and for improv our grammar skills. For example Kate told that she like so much their first lesson because of kind teacher and interesting and funny games. Slava told that he has a nice and so strong clever people in his group. Team was so excited by our first day in the college. After school we went to the city center by train. At the city center we saw so many glorious buildings. In my opinion Dublin has a wonderful architecture. We was at the city center with two teacher of the school. They told our group history of city,showed us famous pubs,demonstrated a two shops streets. However my team was so tired because of school day and warm sunny weather.After our tour my team decided to drink coffee and eat donuts. They bought a lot of yummy food and coffee and we returned to the our train station by bus. Also today we was at the park of roses. It's unreal beauty. My friends and me made a lot of photos. We relaxed on a warm grass,communicated about tomorrow and thought about our day.

by Sofiya Tokareva, grade 10

Day 2

Wow,this day was perfect! It began with nice weather and warm coffee. I had a breakfast and went to the college. I met with my team near the school,they was sitting on the grass and discussed about education in Ireland. Then we went to the classroom. I went with Valery because she asked a teacher for a new group. At first lesson we had a game which help us to revise adjectives and learn adjectives. We described a county and continent. It help us to remember new words. This game was very great because my vocabulary became bigger. Farther my friends and me had a break. At the break we was talking about our first lesson,shared our emotions and feels. It showed me that all of us are so exited by teachers and lessons in this college. Also we had a lunch at this break. After break my team went to the class. In classroom we met a another teacher. Her name is Holly. She gave us information about her life,about her job and about her favorite dishes and kitchen. Next we shared our opinion about kitchen in Ireland and about our favorite kitchen. Also Holly gave us a new words from Ireland pub menu. Moreover she made task for us about foods,menu and dinner with guests. We made it by yourself and told about our choice to classmates. After second lesson we had a big break. We communicated about new people from other countries and about new teachers. All of us was so happy and satisfied. Beyond the break all of groups had a sport and activity time. At this time my team and me played in 'Hide and seek', laid on the grass and shared our secrets. At this moment I understood that we became closer. However we hadn't a lot of time for discussion and my team wanted to find new adventures. We decided to go to the shopping. Leva,Kirill and Slava showed for my girls and me way to the nice shops with food and clothes. Ooh,we bought a lot of cute and delicious things. For instance I bought three chocolate bars,one pack with cookies and super shirt. Girls bought clothes and something in McDonald's. However it was time to go. Leva helped us to find way to school and home. We so happy of this day because of great school time and time for shopping.

by Sofiya Tokareva, grade 10

Day 3

Wow,this day was so nice and lovely. Morning was rainy and cloudy,little bit windy. I went to school at 8:45 o'clock. At the college I found my super team. They was talking about the weather because it wasn't so nice at the street. All of us had strange mood because of weather. We were sleepy. However we must studied. At the lesson we discussed about TV-programs, asked questions about national programs and made own a program like "Doctor Who". It was so unusual for me. In my opinion this game is so great and exiting. After lesson we had a lunchtime. We as always discussed about our lesson at the lunch. At the second lesson we had another teacher who gave to us a new words about food and health. Also we read a text and made a tasks in which we had to find right variant, find new words and choose right sentences. Also we had one interesting game in which person need to guess famous people only asked a question and answer can be only 'yes' or 'no'. Kirill gave so hard person whose name 'John Cena'. No one can't guess! It was so funny. After our lesson we had to go to the Dublin Cruise. We went to a cost by train and yacht was waiting for us near a waterfront. Oh,my team was so happy because of our trip. I think it was breath taking. We saw a mountain and a lot of gulls,we felt breeze and cold breath of see. My friends made a lot of photos and videos from this small adventure. Next we had a time for shopping or just walking. Girls bought coffee and sweets,boys bought warm coffee and marshmallows. In my opinion we had a really good trip. We returned to the station and went to the home.

by Sofiya Tokareva, grade 10

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