Ireland, 2017

New trip and new knowledge! Educational programm and international life experience!

Day 1

Today we have so interesting day. It began with sunny and warm morning. My way to school is so great because every day I need to go across the beautiful huge park. Our point of meeting was near the college. All of us was so happy to see our team. Honestly, I was the happiest person in the world when I met my lovely friends. All members of team was little bit nervous because of test. After our team meeting we went to classroom and two teacher gave us a paper with test and blanks for answers. We started to write and I felt so tense atmosphere. When we finished with the test our team had a break. We set on grass and communicate about the test. We found wrong answers and discussed about it. After break my team and me went to the canteen and teachers of the college told us rules of the school and gave us a plan of this day. Also teachers told us a results of the test and made a groups. We have a multinational groups because it includes Spanish, French and Italian people. My group is so funny and so cool. They are so nice and talkative. In class we played a game for familiarity. Also we had something like competition for check our vocabulary. My group is very clever. After our lesson I met with another members of team. They told me their emotions and opinion. All of us think that it's really good opportunity to hang out with foreigners and for improv our grammar skills. For example Kate told that she like so much their first lesson because of kind teacher and interesting and funny games. Slava told that he has a nice and so strong clever people in his group. Team was so excited by our first day in the college. After school we went to the city center by train. At the city center we saw so many glorious buildings. In my opinion Dublin has a wonderful architecture. We was at the city center with two teacher of the school. They told our group history of city,showed us famous pubs,demonstrated a two shops streets. However my team was so tired because of school day and warm sunny weather.After our tour my team decided to drink coffee and eat donuts. They bought a lot of yummy food and coffee and we returned to the our train station by bus. Also today we was at the park of roses. It's unreal beauty. My friends and me made a lot of photos. We relaxed on a warm grass,communicated about tomorrow and thought about our day.

by Sofiya Tokareva, grade 10

Day 2

Wow,this day was perfect! It began with nice weather and warm coffee. I had a breakfast and went to the college. I met with my team near the school,they was sitting on the grass and discussed about education in Ireland. Then we went to the classroom. I went with Valery because she asked a teacher for a new group. At first lesson we had a game which help us to revise adjectives and learn adjectives. We described a county and continent. It help us to remember new words. This game was very great because my vocabulary became bigger. Farther my friends and me had a break. At the break we was talking about our first lesson,shared our emotions and feels. It showed me that all of us are so exited by teachers and lessons in this college. Also we had a lunch at this break. After break my team went to the class. In classroom we met a another teacher. Her name is Holly. She gave us information about her life,about her job and about her favorite dishes and kitchen. Next we shared our opinion about kitchen in Ireland and about our favorite kitchen. Also Holly gave us a new words from Ireland pub menu. Moreover she made task for us about foods,menu and dinner with guests. We made it by yourself and told about our choice to classmates. After second lesson we had a big break. We communicated about new people from other countries and about new teachers. All of us was so happy and satisfied. Beyond the break all of groups had a sport and activity time. At this time my team and me played in 'Hide and seek', laid on the grass and shared our secrets. At this moment I understood that we became closer. However we hadn't a lot of time for discussion and my team wanted to find new adventures. We decided to go to the shopping. Leva,Kirill and Slava showed for my girls and me way to the nice shops with food and clothes. Ooh,we bought a lot of cute and delicious things. For instance I bought three chocolate bars,one pack with cookies and super shirt. Girls bought clothes and something in McDonald's. However it was time to go. Leva helped us to find way to school and home. We so happy of this day because of great school time and time for shopping.

by Sofiya Tokareva, grade 10

Day 3

Wow,this day was so nice and lovely. Morning was rainy and cloudy,little bit windy. I went to school at 8:45 o'clock. At the college I found my super team. They was talking about the weather because it wasn't so nice at the street. All of us had strange mood because of weather. We were sleepy. However we must studied. At the lesson we discussed about TV-programs, asked questions about national programs and made own a program like "Doctor Who". It was so unusual for me. In my opinion this game is so great and exiting. After lesson we had a lunchtime. We as always discussed about our lesson at the lunch. At the second lesson we had another teacher who gave to us a new words about food and health. Also we read a text and made a tasks in which we had to find right variant, find new words and choose right sentences. Also we had one interesting game in which person need to guess famous people only asked a question and answer can be only 'yes' or 'no'. Kirill gave so hard person whose name 'John Cena'. No one can't guess! It was so funny. After our lesson we had to go to the Dublin Cruise. We went to a cost by train and yacht was waiting for us near a waterfront. Oh,my team was so happy because of our trip. I think it was breath taking. We saw a mountain and a lot of gulls,we felt breeze and cold breath of see. My friends made a lot of photos and videos from this small adventure. Next we had a time for shopping or just walking. Girls bought coffee and sweets,boys bought warm coffee and marshmallows. In my opinion we had a really good trip. We returned to the station and went to the home.

by Sofiya Tokareva, grade 10

Day 4

It was so glorious day! Morning was cloudy but so nice and warm. We met at hall of the college with my team. Team discussed all of questions and our group leader had a interesting proposal - after lessons we had a variant to go to the city center and have a shopping time. We were really happy by this proposal. With our super cool mood because of trip to the city center we went to the classroom. Today we had a first lesson about type of sports,equipment for sport and famous sportsmen. Also my group had a game in which we need to guess type of sport. This game is so hard,but so interesting. In addition we had time for made our project "Comparison between Russian and Irish food". I have a fairy team for a project : Valeria,me and Kirill. Kirill and Valeria is so clever and nice team. But we had not do much time for this and we need to had a lunch. Next we had a second lesson in which we communicated about our evening,wrote a short funny stories and wrote a big story by all group. It so exiting because all of group was in love with this game. We was talking about our main characters,we laughed of silly and funny things. It was so nice. After lessons we went to the center by train. We had a four hours for the shops! Four! But for me it's not so much. My girls and me went to the shoes shops,a lot of famous shops and a lot of cosmetics shops. Oh,it so exhausting but it's brilliant feels to have a lot of bags of shops. My legs is so tired today. Next we went to the home by train and have nice evening in home. Wow,this day was so nice and lovely.

by Sofiya Tokareva, grade 10

Day 5

Today was so great day. At the morning the weather was cloudy,windy and rainy but my mood was perfect because of expectations a presentation of our project. Also today was the last day of this week. As for me this week was little bit hard because of adaptation and new school. However it was so great and interesting week because I met a lot of new foreign friends and now I know so many new words. Moreover today we had a presentation of our project. We was little nervous. On the first lesson we had a time for making a project and for discussion about a project. In my opinion my team of project found a lot of interesting information and so many great pictures with food because we had project about Irish national dishes and Russian national dishes. In my opinion it's so exiting topic. Next we had a lunch break and we communicated about team in a class and projects. All of our group were nervous about presentation. After lunch we had presentation and my group was the first. It wasn't so horrible,it was interesting because all of people in the classroom heard your information and discuss about it. And my team was win! I'm so happy because of this fact! Teachers told us that we had so nice project and so good pronunciation. It was pleasure for me. After school I grab my team and we went to the shopping with cool mood! The day was perfect!

Day 6

This day is win in nomination 'the most beautiful day'. My morning began with cup of coffee and toast. After I went to meeting point to find my group. We communicated about the trip to the new place. Today we had a excursion to national park. Next we met with another people of our school and our bus was waiting for us. We went to the park. The road to the park was really breathe taking. I saw a lot of forests, one huge mountain and another beautiful things. My friends was exited by this landscapes too. Our bus stopped on the parking place and our friends in yellow shirt (staff) gave us information about rules in the park. Oh,it was so gorgeous. I was in love with bright flowers,old statues and fountains and so nice green forest. My girls and me made a lot of great pictures of this place. After our walking we went to the mountains by bus. The way was little bit hard because of warm temperature in the bus. However the landscapes was stunning. I made a lot of photos. Next we was at the mountain. I can't describe how it was handsome. So many huge trees,one clear mountain river and a lot of another natural beauty. We had a little time and our team lay down on the warm grass. It's gorgeous to understand that now you so close to the nature. However it was time to go and we went to explore this mountain. Our friends in yellow shirt told us about old graveyard and history of this graveyard and monastery. It's so interesting story about war. Also our guid showed a clear big lake. It's cold mountain lake. However I was shocked by beauty of this landscape. It's so nice. My team made a lot of pictures. Also we lay down and discussed about our national beauty and nature. Our bus was waiting for us and it was time to go. In the bus we played in different games,showed a photos to another members of team and just talked about something. So beautiful day!

Day 7

My day began with walking in the park with my favorite music. After my little trip I went to the school where I met with my team. We prepared to go to the city center to buy something. Shopping is the best doping! We were so exited and little bit sleepy. Next we went to the city by train. My first deal was help Slava to find new clothes and new shoes. Oh,it was so hard. So,he is men! However it was time to find something for me! I put on a lot of different types of clothes,shoes,accessories. I think it's one of my favorite. In addition girls do the same! They bought a lot of shoes,clothes and presents for family and friends. Next we met at the our point of meeting and went to the home by bus. This day wasn't so interesting because all day we had a shopping time. But we like it so much!

Day 8

This day was full of education and communication with foreign from Italy,Spain and French! Morning was sunny and windy. It was little bit cold but mood was so nice. After breakfast I went to school and in park I met my girls who were exited by something. It's a big secret! We went to the school together. First lesson was so nice because we discussed about our weekend,learnt and revised words and played funny games. At the lunch we set together near the school and communicated. However the weather wasn't so nice because of cold wind. We decided that the best variant is return to the school and set in the hall. After lunch break we went to the classroom. At the second lesson we revised grammatical and lexical material. Also we practiced reading skills. Lera and Kirill enjoyed this lesson. In addition we played games and had a dialog about profession and way of living. It's my favorite. I'm in love with diligence with English teacher. Moreover we learnt new words about profession,skills,resume. Also we made a C.V. In my opinion it's so great practice. After lesson we had a time for sport and activities. Boys (Leva,Kirill,Slava) and girls (Kristina,Kate,Katy,Polina) were at the street and played different games like rugby and football. They was so happy after activity because it's so good for their shapes and mental health. However I stayed at classroom and watched film with Italian and French students. Next our day was ending and I went to the shop for buying present for the my family.

Day 9

Morning was so rainy and cloudy. I was so sleepy,not in good mood and without desire to wake up at 7:00. However I must go to the college. After breakfast I went to the park. I had a short trip with my music. However I had not so much time and I have to go to the school. At the college I met with my team. All of members was so sleepy today. In my opinion it because of weather. Also our day began not with positive emotions. We understood that we relaxed and now we must study better than it was because all of us is very clever and smart people. We can be the best students. On the first lesson we was talking about fashion,famous designers,guessed a crossword and made a fashion show with models and designer. I was designer and one of my classmates was a model. It was so funny and unusual game for me. It's really good experience because now I know so many words from fashion industry. At the lunch we discussed about our favorite food,about hobby and favorite lesson. Honestly I feel that my children was little bit tired and sad today. However I think that tomorrow we will have so nice and glorious day. At the second lesson we discussed a different kind of professional,imagined a funny and hilarious profession and made a question for C.V. Also we was talking about our hobby and facts of our life. Valeria and me like lesson today because they were so interesting for us. After lesson we went to the Croke park by train. It's a huge stadium for national play - Gaelic football. It was so exiting. Guide told us history of this stadium and showed a film about their national team and their national love for the gaelic football. Also now we need a lot of interesting fact about this kind of sports. Some of us tried to be a sportsmen,some of us tried to be a national player of garlic football. In this stadium you can find great slot machines for sportsmen. All of us enjoyed this excursion because it was really exiting. I like it so much! Next we went to the homes by train. In addition the weather have been became a nice,sunny and warm.

Day 10
It was so flexible day! Morning was raining and windy and of course I was sleepy and sluggish because of weather. After breakfast I went to the school. Despite the weather I enjoyed my morning trip across the park. At the school hall I met my team. We as always discussed something about our day and free time. My team was annoyed. In my opinion it was because of weather and they were little bit tired. However we had so funny lesson. On the first lesson our group learnt new words and new name of TV-shows. Also we tried to find differences between chat-show and talk-show. I think it wasn't so difficult. In addition we made own soup opera. Soup opera it something like serials. This experience was so great for my group because it was very interesting. Next we had a lunch time. At the lunch I told my team about nice experience from the first lesson. Moreover my team was very excited by my story. The second lesson was very-very mystery. We tried to find a murderer! However on the begging of lesson we learnt a lot of new words and made a sentences with this words. Next we began play this exiting games. Although we didn't find a murderer. I think it was so sapid lesson. When the lessons ended we had time for sports and activities. At this time we had super cool dancing which call 'Zumba'. In my opinion this dancing helped us to remove a negative emotions and thinks. Also it helped to find nice positive energy. At 15:00 we had a free time and I decided to go for a walk because the weather was cloudy but not raining. It's my favorite kind of weather.

Day 11
It's so cold outside! This day was so raining and windy,so by umbrella was broken by wind. Morning was nice. At the school my girls waited for Kate because she has a birthday today! They were very exited. When Kate was in the school we ran to her and began to hug,kiss and give gifts for her! Kate was so happy. It's wonderful feeling to understand that person very happy because of you or your team. It made my morning and my mood. At the first lesson we found nice topic for our new project. We chose a chapter about Russian and Irish celebrations. Moreover we began to think about presentation and started to do it. On the break we shared our ideas with team and discussed plans for this day. In my opinion today is not so great to go somewhere. However we had so interesting and nice excursion despite the weather. On the second lesson we continued to make a project and write a text for us and for the presentation. It was interesting because now we know so many facts about Irish celebrations. Next we had a excursion. In my opinion it was great but it could be interesting if someone could tell us a history of some things. After museum my team went to the shopping. However it wasn't so nice weather for this. But we were in good mood and the weather for my group is not a problem. After shopping time we went home and I enjoyed my team. All of them is so kind. They always ready to help you. I love them so much.

Day 12
The weather was too cloudy today! Morning was lazy and sleepy because of the cold and cloudy weather. However it was time to wake up and met the last day in the college. Honestly I have strange mood. On the one hand I missed my family and my home. But on the other hand the college and my lovely team became for me my second family. Every day I saw they,their smiles,their emotions and their love for me. Also we had a two gorgeous teachers. I always was exited in their lessons. 
At the school I met with my team. All of they were in great mood and were in anticipation of the last day,presentation of project and extradition of the certificates. On the first lesson Jennifer learnt us to dance Irish dancing. It's quite hard! A lot of fast moving and jumping! However it was so funny and unusual. Also Jennifer bought for our group a small sweet present. It was so surprised and so cute. All of us were satisfied by the first lesson. On the second lesson we presented our projects. Honestly it was little bit nervous for my team. However I think that we had so interesting topic for presentation about celebrities in Russia and Ireland. Unfortunately winners were from Italy because they had very exited project. After presentation we had a team meeting. On the meeting we discussed about our certifications and results of the work. Next part of my friends went to the city center and Slava and me went to the home.

Some words about teachers and the educational process:

To begin with, that I have wonderful opportunity to learn English language in other countries. I guess that it's so great because I can improve my grammar and vocabulary skills. 
At Ireland I was at St.Paul's school. In my opinion this college is so good because of interesting lessons,polite staffs and so clever and kind teachers. My group had two teachers. First is Jennifer and second is Holly. They are very educated and considered. Moreover they always tried to find an approach to us. Every lesson Holly asked our group about our evening or weekend. I think it's so nice to have dialog with English teacher because it help you to improve your language skills. Also we had a lot of games. For example 'stop the bus'. Teacher give for your team one letter and you need to find boys and girls name,country,food,animals,noun which begin with this letter. Our group like this game so much. Also we had a lot of role-playing games. For example two days ago we tried to find murderer. All of us had a special role and we guessed a motive of murder. On the second lesson we did a soup opera. In my opinion it's so hard to make improvisation.However my favorite part of lesson was a dialog with a some of classmates during the playing game. Moreover our teachers were with us so funny and always can draw our attention to important things like pronunciation. In addition we haven't homework. Because of this fact we were more flexible and more exited. Also Jennifer and Holly tried to learn us a Irish dancing. It was quite difficult and interesting for us. Indeed we learnt so many new words and structures of sentences. In addition we learnt a lot of new idioms. But one of my favorite thing is their attitude to students. They always ready to help us and they try to be on the same waves with us. Teachers talked to us about different topics and try to give us a lot of information about this topics. For example we talked about their history. Now I know so many things about Ireland because of Jennifer and Holly. 
Honestly it's little bit sad that tomorrow I need to fly home because this school for me is like small family. I have so stunning experience because of the St.Paul's college. 

Я считаю,что методика образования здесь отличается от нашей. 
Во-первых у нас очень творческие задания и интересные задания. Например мы разыгрывали оперу на английском,играли в авиалинии(делились по двое,один человек пилот,а другой стюардесса),ресторан(нам выдавали меню и мы делали заказ. Но для более интересной игры мы придумывали разные ситуации,такие как:плохое блюдо,волос в еде,перепутали заказ или не было чего-то в наличии),вели расследование и т.п. 
Также мы работали по листочкам,но даже это было интересно,потому что все темы для обсуждения были подобраны интересно. Чаще всего это была тема про еду,но также про ТВ,мотивацию и различные символы их страны. 
А неделю мы заканчивали проектами. Мы делились по командам,выбирали тему и обсуждали её. Каждую пятницу на первом уроки мы занимались только прокатами. Нам приносили ватманы,клей,ножницы и т.п. И после мы начинали писать,вырезать приклеивать. На первой неделе были темы "еда","группы","места". На второй неделе мы затронули "политику","творчество","катастрофы","праздники". 
Но для меня самыми интересными оказались вторые уроки,потому что на них у нас были очень весёлые,креативные и необычные задания. На этих уроках у нас всегда велось активное общение,потому что все задания были основаны на этом. Если честно,то мне очень трудно их описать,потому что каждое упражнение оказалось интересным,но при этом они все не похожи друг на друга. Мне больше всего запомнилось когда мы разыгрывали сценку,показ мод и искали наших соседей. Я считаю что такие задания улучшают не только уровень английского,но при этом улучшают фантазию. 
Но я считаю,что эти уроки не были бы такими интересными если бы не наша команда и учителя. Во-первых все очень добрые,дружелюбные,спокойные,весёлые и в любой момент могли поддержать. Также спасибо нашим учителям за это,если бы не они,то было бы не так весело. Самое главное,что все учителя очень добрые,весёлые,креативные и всегда были на одной волне с нами. 
Также присутствовали страхи,но это только на первой неделе. Например: первый тест,первый урок,новые одноклассники,новые задания,иногда недопонимание чего-либо,но все эти страхи были не значительны! 
Я очень рада,что поехала на эту программу,потому что она и вправду помогает улучшить навык английского языка и ещё в таких условиях легче потерять страх в общение с иностранцами. Я ещё раз хочу сказать "спасибо" нашей команде (она оказалась очень сплоченная,умная,целеустремлённая и смешная),учителям( про них я уже сказала выше) и host family(они тоже оказались очень добрыми,гостеприимными и интересными людьми). Но самое большое "спасибо" я хочу сказать нашей Ольги Юрьевне,если бы не она,то этой программы не состоялось! Также кто,как не она терпела все наши "глупые вопросы",выходки,иногда нытьё! Я считаю,что именно у неё была самая трудная роль в нашей команде,ведь кто бы ещё нас поставил на место,успокоил или устроил бы нам очередную интересную поездку.

Екатерина К.

В Ирландии методика преподавания английского языка очень отличается от Российской.Каждое утро мы играли в настольную игру где мы рассказывали о том как провели вчерашний день.Затем нам раздавали задания на листочках.Сначала мы выполняли самостоятельно, а если что то было не понятно учителя помогали нам.После мы могли играть в жизненные ситуации.Например: мы играли в тур агенство.Наши друзья ( сотрудники тур агенства) предлагали нам полетел в разные страны и поехать в разные отели.А у человека который пришёл в тур агенство была роль( например: девушка которая не может определится куда поехать на море или на пляж или влюблённая пара с двумя детьми которая вытерпят подходящий отель).Ещё мы играли в сотрудников аэропорта мы должны были помочь людям выйти из ситуации которая у них произошла ( например две подруги полетели в Майами, но одна забыла паспорт дома, а вторая потеряла билет).И "сотрудники аэропорта "должны помочь подругам.Но наверное самое интересное это было расследование убийства.У каждого из нас была роль и каждый из был сыщиком, но один из персонажей был убийцей.И мы и в правду воплотили это игру в реальность.Наша утренняя учительница из ниток сделала место где лежал умерший человек, а именно она сделала силуэт человека из ниток.В конце урока мы могли играть в Stop the bus или в крокодила.Stop the bus это такая игра где тебе даётся 15 секунд на то чтобы написать на одну букву слова ( например: имя девочки, имя мальчика, еда и страна).А в пятницу мы представляли проекты которые делали неделю.Мы делились на 4 человека, потом передумывали названия проекту.У нас был Russian and Spanish famous people.Учителям мы рассказали про Александра Пушкина про Полину Гагарину таро много кого ещё.Ирландия мне дала огромный опыт!И если школа соберётся опять полететь в Ирландию быстрее занимайте места, потому что это не только хороший опыт, но и очень интересный и красивый город.

Полина Л.

Я считаю, что методика преподавания в Ирландии, отличается от методики преподавания в России.
Во-первых здесь уроки проходят в игровой форме, что способствует лучшему усвоению информации.
Во-вторых на уроках присутствуют предметы по теме, которые придают атмосферы в классе.
Так же на уроках создают группы, так чтобы каждый был из разной страны и все говорили только на английском. По пятницам каждая группа представляет свои проекты по заданной теме, к которому они готовились неделю. На уроках мы так же разыгрываем разные ситуации. Например у нас была тема "Преступление" Холли сделал контур человека( полиция так делает, когда человека убивают) и раздала нам листочки на которых было написано "кто мы? Что мы помним о жертве? Наше алиби" и по этим признакам мы должны были понять, кто убийца. И в конце все дали верный ответ. Хотя только Холли знала верный ответ. Так же мы играли в пилотов и представляли свой самолёт и, что он имеет. Сегодня на уроке мы учились танцевать ирландский танец. Для нас это было сложновато, но мы справились! Учителя Так же на уроках есть разные творческие задания. Постройте дом из восьми маленьких бумажек, четырех больших листов и трёх кусков скотча. Рвать листы было нельзя. Но задача была построить крепкий и высокий дом. И практически каждый смог это сделать. Тем не менее, когда мы играем на уроке, то наш мозг думает, что мы играем, а на самом деле мы запоминает материал, который до нас 
хотят донести. Эта школа сделала правильный выбор, выбрав игровую форму уроков! Потому что за игрой ребёнок быстрее и понятнее усваивает материал,который он прошёл на уроке. Плюс этой школы в том, что здесь все очень добрые и дружелюбные. Если ты, что-то оставишь в школе, не переживай эту вещь обязательно найдут. На спортивных мероприятиях вы сможете научиться либо чему-то новому или самому научить играть других, поиграть, начать общение с людьми из разных стран. 
Методика преподавания ирландских преподавателей проста. Они не хотят впихнуть за 1 урок много информации, для них главное, чтобы каждый сидящей в комнате понял о чем идёт речь! В этом все отличие)

Кристина С.

Побывав в Ирландии я поняла что методика образования Ирландии и России разная. 
Учитель с радостью встречает тебя с улыбкой и предлагает пройти в класс.
У нас есть два учителя: Холли и Карл. 
На каждом уроке учитель придумает разные игры от которых нельзя отказаться!!! А так же учителя предлагают вместе с ними выполнить задания на разных распечатках)))
Чтобы это было ещё интересней учитель делит тебя на группы. И ты выполняешь работу совместно. Не давно мы представляли свои проекты которые мы делали с улыбкой и смехом. Больше всего мне понравилось то, что мы играли в тур агенство. В этой игре ты можешь представить себя в роли человека который продаёт билеты либо человек который не может определиться где он хочет отдохнуть!!! А так же вторая учительница каждый раз после урока предлагает поиграть в игру например: STOP THE BUS за определённое время ты должен придумать ( имя девочки, мальчика, еду, одежду и город) после этой игры ты смотришь у какой команды больше баллов. 
А так же школа CES имеет людей в желтых кофтах названные STAFF. По всем интересующим тебя вопросам ты можешь обратиться к ним. 
Я очень рада что побывала в школе CES потому что это интересное обучение английского языка. В школе есть расписание по которому едет твой промежуток дня. Так же в этой школе вы можете пообщаться с иностранцами разных стран. Если на следующий год будет ещё раз такая поездка, то надеюсь я ещё раз поеду в это замечательное место!!! 

Екатерина Б.

Обычные уроки тоже могут быть необычными, но это всего лишь мелочи по сравнению с фантазией учителей. Они не только могут тебе разъяснить, но и расскажут больше, чем надо по программе. Программа написаная великими учителями - это не достачно для интеллектуально развитых детей, поэтому учителя сами строят свои уроки из кусочков этой программы. На это уходят целые ночи, а может даже сутки!
Во время таких сочинений к учителям приходят музы. Учителя быстро справляются с работой, после чего ложатся спать, но это не главное, а главное-это сами эти сказачные уроки. Уроки такие загадка и что-то очень необычное. Про такие уроки мы и поговорим...
"Что такое эти необычные уроки?" Спросите вы, а я вам отвечу:" Это круто!" Каждый учитель вкаладывает свою фантазию в этот урок. Это может быть урок английского в Ирландии. Мы прошли несколько уроков по одному разделу "Что нужно перед перелётом". Первый урокэтого курса-"Dinner" или " Что нужно делать есть и разделы меню". На каждом уроке происходит одно и тоже, но это только на первый взгляд! Схема такова:
1. Облако-план.
2. Краткий рассказ
3. Ролевая игра ( создание меню )
Разберём первый пункт "облако-план". Это облако на бумаге, от которого есть несколько срелок. На конце каждой стрелы название того или иного блюда.
Второй пункт -"краткий рассказ". Это рассказ о каждом блюде и части меню. Например, " pasta"- это по сути своей макороны,но есть одна деталь. "Pasty" не доваривуют т.е. макороны твёрдые. Обычно их готовят с кетчупом и тефтельками. И так про каждую стрелочку. Наш учитель Holly в перерывах между рассказом шутит. От чего уроки становятся смешными. 
Третий пункт- создание меню. В начале раздают листы с пунктами:
1. Горячие блюда.
2. Оновные блюда.
3. Десерты.
В каждом пункте 3 блюда. В итоге 9 блюд. Такие уроки развивают написание, вспринимание речи. В процессе маленькие плохо мыслиющие головки наконец пониманиют материал. И это не конец фантазии учителей. У нас было много таких уроков, и они очень крутые! Учите английский и летайте заграницу!

Елизавета Ч.

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