Pen Friends

Dear friends, I know that nearly all of you prefer e-mails and communicate with friends just in such a way. Of course, it's fast enough to get letters but only a real letter can keep the soul, emotions and true feelings. My students would like to start a real letter exchange with their peers around the world. Please, join us and send me your short stories through the Сontact Form.

Hello, I'm Valeriya, from Russia, Chelyabinsk city. I'm 16. I'm fond of music, dancing hip-hop and watching ice-hockey. I've been working in international projects for 4 years and I've already have friends from many countries. 

Hi, my name's Nastya, I'm 13, from Russia, Chelyabinsk city. I've got many hobbies: Hip-Hpo. travelling, cycling. I've got a collection of glass balls from different countries. In future I want to be a journalist.

Hello, I'm Kseniya, I'm 12. I like English and I'm very good at it. I'm a very communicative girl. My hobby is figure skating. I love swimming and dancing. I've been working in international projects for 2 years and I would like to have friends from many countries.

Hello, I'm David, I'm 13 years old. I'm fond of music, sport, Art and English. I've taken part in many international projects as OLE-club member. I like discussing ecological problems with my friends and share photos and video on the topic.

Hello, everybody! My name is Maria, I'm 12. I'm fond of traveling, dancing and Art. I like to communicate with people from foreign countries. I've been working in international projects for an year and I want to learn more about the world.


Yasir Zeb Yousafzai said...

Hello everone,
Nice to read about you all.... :-)

What about using social media like Twitter, FB and VK for this purpose? Skype can also be benificial.

Olga said...

Yasir, my students communicate there and use all of the other web services for international communication. But real letters are a special way of friendship! Sure you understand me.

Majda zahid said...

Dear Olga :
how can i join you , i would like to participate and make friends all over the world :)

Olga said...

Dear Majda, just write the name of the person you want to start collaborating with and I'll send you his/her postal address. If you have friends who also want to be pen friends, feel free to let them know this link too!