OLE project

OLE from Jalilabad



Pervane and Olga in OLE project

Sherafet and Olga in OLE project!

OLE from Azerbaijan

We' ve got OLE posters from our Azerbaijanian friends. Some of them have been studying English for nearly 2 or 3 years, so there aren't a lot of texts there, but our little friends' pictures are really nice! A little bit later we'll upload all the posters here to let all the friends around the world admire kids' masterpieces))) We want to thank Parvana  Baratova, a teacher of English, Ismaili, school № 1, for her frank interest to OLE project!


Olga said...

I love my OLE club and kids there!

Sherafet said...

yes dear teacher it's really very well to work with kids and it brings me great joy/

peri said...

Thanks dear friend!İt is so nice to see my posters in our blog!İ shared them in Enjoy English blog too!