Let's teach together!

Hello friends! We're students and teachers from Russia, Chelyabinsk city (the capital of South Ural). Our students have lots of opportunities and possibilities for international collaboration that helps them to discover the world around. All the students and teachers are also members of this OLE-club (the club of international cooperation).

We've been working within international projects for a long time and use them for teaching and studying successfully. Now we've got the idea of making special system of integrated lessons. There are teachers and teachers around the world and all of us use the own unique methods of teaching. So why not to share them making lessons together...It'll make our lessons brighter for our students.
For example, I need a lesson for my primary students "My family" and I have a plan for it:
1) warm up
2) phonetic drills
3) new words' introduction
4) first practice
5) grammar: have got / has got
6) some games for relaxation
7) conclusion
You can share your ideas for each step of the lesson (texts, pictures, images, videos, online services, web 2.0 tools etc) and it'll make me collecting my lesson easily.
So each of us can do the same and have a great collection of international lessons. More over we can make educational videos of separate parts of lessons and share them in order to collect video lessons too.
Just imagine....your students watch the video where different teachers teach them: students do the tasks, repeat the words... and feel themselves as a part of the whole world! Amazing!
If you're ready to start it just post your comments and we discuss the new project "International Integrated Lessons (IIL)" or "Teachers Beyond Border" or smth like this!
Let's just try it!
thanks in advance for any support,
Olga Timofeeva
e-mail: teacher7keys@gmail.com
skype: olgazabava2

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