Torbay, GB, 2015

The team of 6 students and me were invited to GB for an educational programm. Besides 25 lessons a week it includes extra activities (sport and games) and excursions. Our hosts are going to present us their traditional food, everyday life and the most famous sights. So the trip is going to be amazing!

First day (Monday) we were hosted in a family, introduced to the other students and had a tour around the city. Students spent much time on the beach playing games and doing sport. It'll help them meeting new friends!
We also had some excursions to Brixham by boat and to Plymouth by bus. Students had lots of fun in a Splashdown (South Devon's famous Water Park) in Quaywest and visiting Paignton Zoo Environmental Park (the third largest zoo in England). On Saturday we left England and travelled over the magnificent Severn Bridge for a full day trip to Cardiff, the vibrant capital city of Wales. Sunday was a free day and we spent it just doing shopping and enjoying walking around Torquay (nearby city)


мотя петрыкин said...

Wow you're looking nice together. If I can I would join to you.

Александр Воробьёв said...

It was a very nice and friendly trip. I met a lot of good friends from different countries. As I was in England for the first time, I realy realised the meaning of the English language in my life. I want to visit England once again.