Mascots travelling accross Europe

All year long, mascots will be sent from one school to another so they will discover other ways of life and cultures and will come back home at the end of the year with many souvenirs in their travel log to share with the pupils.

    In September, each class chooses a mascot whose name will be written on its travel log. The mascot can introduce its school, city (best places...), presents the daily routines of the class... Then the pupils will prepare its suitcase for its long trip across Europe (clothes for the different days of the week, travel log...). In October each class will send its mascot to the next partner school (according to the rotation planned). According to the numbers of partners, each mascot will stay for a few weeks (3 or 4) in the foreign school. During each stay the partners fill in the travel log, can add a few things in the suitcase. Each time, a meeting is organized via videoconference or Skype meeting, so that pupils can exchange on different topics, see each other and see their mascot in the foreign school. Each Partner will use the twinspace to give news of the mascot they host (pictures, videos...). They explain the activities done with the mascot, the celebrations... Then they send the mascot to the next partner and receive another one. At the end of May, all the mascots come back home with their suitcase and a big travel log full of souvenirs to share with their class
  Pupils through an affective dimension (mascot) will learn about other countries, languages, religions, ways of life. They will discover other realities and environments. At the end of the school year, the souvenirs and the travel log are presented to the parents and community.       Deadlines for the mascots

Uralochka's travel diary

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