Our Little English...RAP!!!

Studing English, kids discover a lot of new things but the most difficult for them is learning all the grammar rules and especially verb forms. My little students are very creative and energetic they try to make something interesting, something unusual for easy language learning. This rap is a great example of their grammar creation))) Present Perfect is the most difficult grammar material not just for primary students.
So enjoy it with Arina and Alexandra, 4th grade, Gymnasia 23, Chelyabinsk, Russia!


Anonymous said...

I know this isn’t exactly on subject, but i've a website using the identical program as well and i am getting troubles with my comments displaying. is there a setting i am lacking? it’s attainable you could assist me out? thanx.

Sherafet said...

Dear Olga your Blog is so nice and interesting.That İ can't find any words to express my impressons/You kids are speaking much more better. It's evidence of that you are very hardworking teacher/I wish you success in your future teaching plans.

Olga said...

Thank you, Sherafet. My kids are really very bright and good at English. I try to make my lessons interesting for them!