"SUE" project with Turkish friends!

This month we've joined the new project "School Uniform Exchange", facilitated by Taiwan. This theme is so topical for our gymnasia, so we decided to share our ideas with all the friends arounf the world.
So 15 year old students team and his teacher Olga Timofeeva was invited to visit Kocaeli in order to join the Youth Exchange in a frame of the project. Turkish teacher Huri Cinar and her students became our friendly host family. They prepared one week programme of international collaboration. Each student felt comfortable with their host sisters and host brothers as well as with host parents. Believe us, we've never felt the same! Really, unbelievable days in hospitable Turkey!
Thanks, dear friends for everything you've done for us!


Anonymous said...

Hi all
Congratulations on the good job you're doing.
students exchange , school uniforms... and other projects , that provide our students with the opportunity to get in touch with other students from different cultural background , will contribute in making a difference and changing the world into a better place.

Said Belgra
EFL teacher

Olga said...

Thanks, dear friend for your support! It's a great surprize for me to find your comment here! Are you ready to start collaborating with us!?

Ragıp Ekrem ERDOĞAN said...

my dear friend ı am very glad to join your project. because ı know youre very hardworking teacherı wish you will very succesfull

Olga said...

Dear Ekrem,
you know that a half of my success is yours! Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Hi Olga,
Marvelous work, you and your students doing excellent work. I really appreciate your efforts too because in all success of your students. You are backbone :)))))
You are promoting peace, religious harmony and understanding between different countries culture.
My best wishes for you and all who are participating in the projects :)))))))))))


Olga said...

Dear Shaaz,
I'll do all my best to make the world better! I know I'm happy to have such friends! Thanks for your support!