Handmade creation start

We're successfully collaborating with New York activists in a Heart to Heart project. We've already sent paper hearts with best wishes there. Now we're planning a new action for kids from a summer camp of Sierra-Leone. It'll be a huge poster with our friendly hands and feet gathering in a view of trees or houses, or flowers, or something else by our 15-16 year old coordinators. We want to invite all the kids and students joining us ! Please, make paper hands and feet, write your names there (in Russian or in English), add the famous words "From Russia with love" and send us by e-mail snowflake.96@mail.ru
     Besides paper message we're planning to make handmade toys, medals, mascots and other different things which can be sent to our friends around the world to show our ideas of peace and  friendship. Dear friends, you can join us. Hope your parents support you and you'll spent a fabulous time in a family circle making funny faces, trees or animals of clay, dough or plastic. All of the odd jobs will put together and send to the friends abroad!


Olga said...
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Valeriya said...

I bet it'll be a really great poster. Moreover I'm sure that all families will have a good time doing there hands,feet,animals,flowers and so on)

peri said...

Dear Olga and Valery!My little kids also made so nice handmade creations.I will bring them to you!Dear Olga dont forget about your promise:)

Asiyet said...

i liked this project.i prepared with my students this project,but how to put here it?

Olga said...

Dear Asiyt,
we're so glad you to join our project. Please send us photos of your kids' creations and we'll upload a video with them here!
Valeriya and Olga