Heart to Heart project

We have been working for some years successfully and shared our feelings and emotions actively. There are 10 countries in our project, more than 600 forum messages, 72 topics and more than 100 participants. We know about Japanese holidays, about role of sport in different countries, about people we admire, living values of different countries, teens’ problems etc. 

Now Heart to Heart is a great example of Global Friendship, where international friends are always ready to share their feelings not only on the project monthly topics, but also create their own topics too, so we've got special topics from Concordia Middle School from Taiwan, Stanmore Public School from Pakistan, Gymnasia №3 from Belarus and Ismayilli School from Azerbaijan. Heart to Heart project has already helped many students all over the world not just present their own internal world, but also get more knowledge about world around from native speakers. The project also supports student’s creativity, imagination, extraordinarily of mind and strong willing of
making the world better.  Of course, the language of project is English, but often it seemed all the project participants created the own language - the language of Heart, the language
of Soul. It is impossible to explain and it's impossible to believe, just join the project and try
it! Really, Heart to Heart is an incredible family. Hope project community will enlarge next

Now some youth exchanges (the USA, India, and Taiwan) have been already discussed and organized, video conferences with Sri-Lanka, the USA (Salem/Ohio, New Bern/North Carolina, New York), Azerbaijan (Jallilabad, Ismayilli), Georgia, Pakistan and Africa (Sierra-Leone) have been made and “Peace Book” has been published.

Our results are here:


Ragıp Ekrem ERDOĞAN said...

Dear Olga, we are very happy for working with you. This project really very good. We are proud of you.

Olga said...

It's a pleasure to have such heartful partners! Thank YOU for your collaboration!