Azerbaijanian partners

Hello,my dear friends!
I liked the new images,videos in blog.
I feel always happy for your success.I hope our collaboration will bring  happiness and luck to all of us!


Olga said...

My dear Peri,
please write what sort of event it was, who were the participants of it etc. Sure it'll be very interesting to our friends.

Olga said...

May be our other Azerbaijnian friends are ready to tell us more about that event)))We'll wait for the story impatiently!

peri said...

Dear Olga,
I want to tell you what kind of event it was.
This is the meeting with our post Peace Corps Volunteer and her brother.Amy Petersen was a representer of Peace Corps and she worked two years in my school#1,in Ismailly.We love her so much and our relations continues now.Now she works in American Council in Baku.