The second VC "Azerbaijan - Russia"

An international cultural dialogue took place in September,7
There were teams of both countries and the participants were ready to start an international collaboration in fields they work. We've made an e-mail exchange and hope to find more and more friends around the world!


peri said...

My dear Olga!I hope we'll do the best!Thank you!

peri said...

I send to you a new movie!))))))))

Anonymous said...

Круто!!!!Мы участвовали в этом проекте!!!Это круто!!!Мы делали такие плакаты, но маленькие.
Полина Зыболова
Гимназия " 23
г. Челябинск (Россия)

Olga said...

Peri, what video are talking about? Lets make video exchange and we'll have a great film!