My students' Activity Books

This school year started with a new idea of teaching English. My students are good internet users and spend much time online networking or just chatting with friends. I decided to use their online time productively.
Once a week the students have a task which is closely connected with their educational programm. They write messages according to the topics they discuss at the lessons. More over they prepare some tasks for spelling and grammar practising. After they offer the exercises to their classmates to do for a mark etc
So, really there are plenty of space for teacher's creativity.
Hope it works.

- 5A -
  1. Afina Startseva
  2. Arina Fyodorova
  3. Arseniy Kalashnikov
  4. Arseniy Prikhodko
  5. Vladislav Fokin

- 5B -
  1. Egor Bigildeev
  2. Dmitriy Kormilitsin
  3. Mariya Miksha
  4. Polina Golodyagina
  5. Polina Chernyakova
  6. Vasilisa Serskova
 Anna's group:
Victor Voropaev

- 7A -
Olga's group :
(irregular verbs)
  1. Gleb Vinogradov
  2. Anastasiya Gordeychik
  3. Polina Lavrenyuk
  4. Jasmin Raimzhanova
  5. Nikita Zaytsev
  6. Sofiya Slobodyanyuk
  7. Sofiya Zavarnitsyna

- 7B -

Olga's group :
(irregular verbs)  
  1. Alexandra Dashenko
  2. Dariya Usynina
  3. Dariya Kudelya
  4. Elizaveta Meleshkina
  5. Serafima Savelieva
  6. Kirill Romanov
  7. Mariya Golikova
  8. Vasilisa Barykina
- 11A -
Olga's group :

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Pavle Tvaliashvili said...

Dear students, it is good idea.
I agree with you that to use communication with others will support to develop language skill.
Good luck and enjoy.

Pavle Tvaliashvili
Founder and Director of EMT (Education and management Team)